Monday, April 30, 2007

Interview with Anastacia and Wayne!

Congratulations on your wedding. Was it as magical as you hoped it to be?

Anastacia: I´m feeling very peaceful. The day was way more magical then I ever hoped it to be. I never dared dreaming, that I would marry someday. I think our wedding represented the way we are with each other.

Will you take your husbands name Newton?

Anastacia: Absolutely! Although I still have to get used to it. Of course I am known as Anastacia, but I´ll name myself Anastacia Newton. The wedding seemed very intimate.

What were the highlights and the special moments for both of you?

Anastacia: I wish every girl could have such a wedding. I´ve never been at such an intimate wedding. It has been the people who helped us with the wedding in first place, who made the day something special. My sister Shawn and Kiki Lee Herr prepared the wedding and created the perfect atmosphere for us.

Wayne: It has been the fusion of two families, the hearts and souls and I believe in the marriage with Anastacia.

Did you always supposed to marry like this?

Anastacia: We invited 80 guests and we wanted to make the wedding to something special for our friends. I didnt had an exact idea. I just knew that I would love to marry on a beach.

The scenerie is beautiful. How did you find this venue?

Anastacia: We searched for Boutique Hotels in Mexico and used the internet. Wayne has been the first man who took me on holidays. Our first vacation was to Mexico. We found this hotel and began to plan in december. We didnt want any media excitment and this venue made it possible for our friends and family to be part of the wedding.

Wayne: We love this location and it seems like an emotional place to marry for me.

Anastacia: Our relationship is pure and this venue feels like a pure place. Wayne and I love the warm climate and we prefer the beach then go skiing.

Wayne, have you been involved in all the wedding planning?

Wayne: For sure! I have been involved in every step. The wedding affected both of us. I didnt expect it to be so much fun, but it was fun to chose the menues and to taste the wine. It was pretty much fun.

Anastacia, Wayne is from England. Will you spend more time in England in the future?

Anastacia: I spent a few years by searching an appartment or a house in London and I like the idea of living there. But we also love to be in Los Angeles, where we live at the moment.

How did Wayne propose to you?

Anastacia: I was totally in shock as he asked me. I didnt expect it at all. He bought the ring without my knowledge. He went with me to the manicure and said he has to do some phone calls, which sounded strange. As he went back he said, he has to talk to his family. He talked to them for a while acted strange, before he asked me for two dollar notes. I didnt know why.. so I looked in my bag and he said: Look in your bag! So I took a second look and I found a little blue box. I couldn´t believe it and thought: What if it is a friendship ring? I never carried a ring on this finger and wasn´t sure if it would fit. I couldn´t believe that he proposed to me and then he asked me so sweet: Will you marry me? So we stood on the street, I was totally in shock and we both cried. It was an unbelievable moment.

Wayne you lived a normal life in England. You will be in the spotlight from now on. How will you handle it?

Wayne: That´s no problem for me. It´s a part of my life. I´ve spent years working for different artists as bodyguard and now I will play that role for my wife. If they want to take pictures of us... I am ready.

Anastacia: We want to have a life on the other side of the cameras, private, wonderful and comfortable. I spent many time outside the US and that makes it possible for us to have a life without being chased by paparazzis. Having a normal life is a choice that we make together now.

You are designing for S.Oliver. How important was the choice of your wedding dress?

Anastacia: Designing with S.Oliver is an unbelievable experience and my collection is availabel in over 550 shops worldwide. I asked Jenny Peckham to help me to design my wedding dress. And the dresses for my sister and my Mom as well. I can´t tell you how great it was! It´s stitched by hand, the color is oyster instead of white and diamonds all over. We united our ideas and after some fittings it was done.. my dream wedding dress.

It sounds like you had a great party after the ceremony. Which was the song for your first dance?

Anastacia: It´s Kenny Lattimore with “For you”. The words represent what the marriage truly means to us.

You took a break after your last album “Pieces Of A Dream”. What are your plans for the future?

I´ll go back to studio work when we are back home to work with new material. I hope the new album will be out next year!

Will you go into a new direction musicly?

Anastacia: No it will be the same style like my last album. There are some people in music business in the same musical genre then I am, like Kelly Clarkson and Pink. And I am grateful about it, cause it prepares the people for my style.

Are there any musicians you would like to work with?

Anastacia: I like “The Killers”. I like what they do.

Do you have the same taste in music?

Anastacia: Wayne loves to play music at home. We like similar music, but he also likes Hip Hop, which I am not a big fan of.

What are your hopes for the marriage? What are your expectations?

Anastacia: I am very excited! Wayne is a great friend, partner and now husband. I´m looking forward to our common future, the up and downs of life.

Wayne: We confessed to each other with our minds and souls and we will experience fantastic things.

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Ghislane said...

Such a perfect wedding and yet, after an obviously miserable 3 year period, the marriage is over, finito! I wonder if the old charmer Wayne now regrets crapping all over his original wife and his 2 children. I note there was conveniently no mention of the family he abandoned, or Anastacia's lack of morals in this regards!